In general, the tables are accompanied more often chairs, so you can use the table while being comfortably installed .The bar stool too, aims to fulfill this function. Of traditional design, a stool is a seat support, having a certain height and composed mainly of wood.

A bar stool is also a seating support, but is more suitable for using a bar. It is completely different from the traditional stool because it has the advantage of being very aesthetic. Before buying a bar stool, some points are to be taken into account. These points are of two kinds. Here they are!


This is one of the crucial points to consider before making your purchase. In reality, ensuring the comfort of a stool goes through:

Its height: It is thanks to its height that the user of the stool is at ease. It can be fixed or adjustable. Some people are more comfortable on fixed height stools. Others, on the other hand, are more on stools with variable height, because they can adjust according to their morphology. Anyway, we must remember that a certain space must be respected between the legs of the user and the table. This distance is at least 30 cm.

Matter: This is also an important point, because it is the material with which the seat of the stool is made that will determine the comfort of your guests. A good bar stool is made of either synthetic fiber, leatherette or leather. These materials are all equally comfortable.

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The safety offered by a stool is not to be taken lightly either. The use of a bar stool may be subject to certain risks if certain conditions are not met. These conditions tend to:

Stability: It is essentially related to the feet of your stool. For some stools, only one foot is enough to ensure total stability, but for others, no more than 4 feet are needed. The most important is that the stool does not pitch, in order to avoid falls to the user

Materials: They are also crucial in security. It goes without saying that wood, oak, chrome steel, wrought iron, are materials that are quite resistant overall. Therefore, they provide some security.

Top 5 best bar chair

A large number of bar chair offers are available in stores specializing in furniture distribution and online sales. To help you avoid picking each offer at the risk of wasting a lot of time, we have drawn up this comparative bar chair. In this top 5, you will find the best bar chairs selected by our testers based on neutral criteria such as quality, price, strength or comfort. Our goal will be to give you an opinion on the qualities that a good bar chair must have in order to allow you to make the most judicious choice possible.

Bar chair or bar stool: What to choose?

We often hear about a bar chair or bar stool to designate the same thing. This is a confusion that should not be made. For connoisseurs, there is indeed a subtle nuance between a bar chair and a bar stool. Some people sometimes have a hard time choosing between these two accessories that can actually breathe as attractive and useful as each other. Here is a guide for you to help you sort things out.

Why choose a bar chair?

The bar chair is a piece of furniture with a seat supported by four or a foot allowing the user to sit comfortably and optimally in front of a counter or a bistro table. You can also use it in front of a dining table, a kitchen table, a worktop, etc. The main advantage you have with this tool is its height. It will allow you to enjoy a good position in front of your support. If you choose a bar chair, it will be necessary to ensure that it is an adequate height and a comfortable material. To choose the model of a bar chair, it is therefore to bet on the comfort and the height in an optimal base. But bar stools also have advantages?

Should I choose a bar stool?

The little nuance that must be done between the chair and the bar stool is the backrest. With a bar chair, you have a backrest that allows you to lean against and easily enjoy a comfortable foolproof. But with the stool, you will not necessarily have that chance.

The emphasis is more on beauty, aesthetics, elegance and also robustness. If you choose a bar stool, you prefer aesthetics to comfort. That does not mean that the wooden stool is uncomfortable. But for a long time, people who are less resistant may feel it pass. The price to pay for aesthetics and elegance.